Attitude Drives Life


Course 1


Development of a Life Changing Attitude Course 1 


  • Course is first of a series of 5
  • Downloadable PDF file format
  • Delivered in E-Course / E-Textbook format for easy reading and printing for documentation.
  • User is able to print and catalog process with worksheets
  • 51 page course is designed to teach the user about the psychology behind the development of a life changing attitude.
  • 6 lessons designed to help the user learn their current habits and identify negative behavior and program their mind to not only inhibit this behavior but implement it with a constructive habit or reaction.



Course Summary:

Development of a life changing attitude is a study course intended to help the user or student discover the psychology behind their behavior patterns and habitual reactions and tendencies throughout their thought patterns to help the student realize the lives that they live are the lives created through the very same reactions, habits and tendencies.  The course is layed out to give the student the realization of where problems may lie, the course of action needed to correct those problem areas and how to apply different techniques to deliver a different result, a more positive result.


Course is suggested for anyone who feels they are 'stuck in a rut' so to speak or desires to reach a greater goal in their relationships, career, or lives in general.


Price:  $39.99


Download is available through email is automatically delivered upon successful proof of purchase through website.  As always credit cards are accepted through PayPal. 


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Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads will be available through our site and the i-tunes store.  This feature will become available in early fall 2014.